The Pros of Buying a Puppy from a Pet Store

By: Niklaus / On: 03/28/2018 11:46am

1. You don’t need to research a lot breeds because you can meet them first hand at a local pet store.
2. No need to go through the long process of locating breeders for the breed of your choice.
3. Avoid long travel hours to different breeder’s homes and kennels.
4. Avoid all those phone calls, emails, and text messages with all the different breeders you are contacting to inquire about their puppies.
5. You don’t have to fill out lengthy personally invasive questionnaires often required by rescue organizations, shelters.
6. You don’t need to have a stranger enter your home, inspect your premises, and judge your ability to care for a dog like a rescue or shelter would do.
7. No risk of being scammed out of your money. Which happens often with online puppy shoppers.
8. You are supporting a mom and pop business.
9. Most states require pet store puppies to come with written health guarantee.
10. Pet Store Puppies are the most over seen and regulated puppies available to the public.