What Are “Puppy Mills” ?

By: niklaus / On: 11/15/2018 06:38pm

The Term “Puppy Mill” is an undefined derogatory phrase used by animal rights activists as propaganda to castigate all Breeding Facilities, the good and the bad. We advise our Clients and fellow Colleagues in the Pet Industry not to use this phrase, because doing so works to the advantage and goal of animal rights activists who wish to destroy our industry and end pet ownership altogether.

The proper term is substandard facility. There is good and bad in everything. Which applies to breeders as well. There are breeders who take tremendous pride in their facilities and kennel and then there are those who do not. The animal rights organizations opposed to the pet industry are not government entities, nor are they animal care organizations, despite their cleverly depicted names. They do not operate or supervise local humane facilities. These are animal rights groups who are fund-raising organizations that rely on fabrication and distortion of the facts to further their radical agenda, which includes the eventual elimination of all pet ownership. These groups go based off pulling on people’s heartstrings to win the sympathy in their plight towards having the pet industry eliminated.