Juanita Barnett of Iberia,MO 65486 – Dog Breeder

Juanita Barnett is a Dog Breeder located in Iberia,MO 65486. Juanita Barnett has been known to sell puppies to Pet Stores throughout the United States.

Pet Stores are the most transparent and most regulated source to obtain your new best friend. Buying a puppy from a local Pet Store will ensure that the puppy you purchase has been well cared for from breeder to pet store and that the parents of the puppy are also well taken care of.

Pet Store Puppies are the only puppies available for sale that come with mandatory health warrantees over seen by the state in which they are sold in.  You will find the mandatory health warrantees offer from Pet Stores in each state by visiting this link.

Breeders such as Juanita Barnett, that sell to pet stores are equal to any other breeder. In fact, these breeders, because of who they sell to, have strict regulations to follow from several different governing bodies. Many Pet Stores Breeders are Licensed and Inspected with the United States Department of Agriculture. These breeders will hold a Class A License. These Pet Store Breeders will also be Licensed and Inspected with their own State Agriculture Department.

Why Would A Breeder Sell To A Pet Store?

Breeders such as Juanita Barnett use transportation companies that specialize in the transportation of puppies. These transportation companies have mobile kennel vehicles with custom kennels for the safety and comfort of the puppies. Each mobile kennel has their own route which will delivery to a few pet stores in that area.

Pet Store Transport

Breeder Name: Juanita Barnett
Breeder Address: 8576 East 400 North
Breeder City: Iberia
Breeder State: MO 65486
Breeder USDA #: 43-A-3224
Breeder State License: Not Applicable

2 comments on “Juanita Barnett of Iberia,MO 65486 – Dog Breeder

  1. terri L capurso on

    Hi Juanita, My name is Terri and I just rescued a six year old pom named Pippa. She is the most beautiful pom I have ever seen! She was born on August 27th 2012. Her parents are sire: Neal’s Rockin Tonka Toy Dam: Tacky Foo-Foo The purpose of my letter is this sweet girl was adopted back on 1/1 2013 at Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets located in Williamsville New York. I don’t know when she arrived there so I don’t know how long her stay was there. For some reason the dog owner of Pippa forfeited her back in 2016 to Akron Canine Resued Angels. On October 20th 2016 a young girl adopted Miss Pippa and unfortunately gave her up on November 10th 2018. That’s when I met the most perfect beautiful well mannered dog ever!!!! I have no idea why she wasn’t kept in a fur ever home but she wasn’t un till now. For bouncing from place to place my heart is broken for her for I can’t imagine what she must be thinking. I do know she is Pippa Perfect. She loves all and her behavior is priceless. I was reaching out in hopes to adopt from these to parents if they are still breeding together. I would love to give Miss Pippa are true family member…one that she can call her own!!! I think she deserves it. Please contact me for I have never done this before…so I hope you get this. Sincerely Terri Capurso


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