Pet Stores are the most transparent and most regulated source to obtain your new best friend. Buying a puppy from a local Pet Store will ensure that the puppy you purchase has been well cared for from breeder to pet store and that the parents of the puppy are also well taken care of.

Breeders who sell to Pet Stores across the United States are governed by several agencies. These Regulators make sure that the Parents of Pet Store Puppies are well taken care of. Regulators such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provide surprised, unannounced inspections of the Breeder’s Kennel,Dogs and Puppies.

Parents of Pet Store Puppies will enjoy “Turn out yards”.

A turn out yard is a fenced in area for the dogs to run and play, just like your backyard.

Turn Out Yard

Parents of Pet Store Puppies will enjoy Large indoor & outdoor Runs.

Potty breaks for the dogs are not a problem since they simply walk through a doggy door to their safe, secure, outdoor area. The outdoor area provides extra space for when the dog feels like running around, laying out in the sun, playing, as well having a 24/7 bathroom.

Indoor Housing

Outdoor Runs

The Breeder must maintain detailed records for each of their dogs and regular vet care, exams and vaccinations

All of which is all strictly enforced by the inspectors. The health care is so detailed that even teeth cleaning is required. Most people don’t clean their dog’s teeth, but a USDA breeder does!

Vet Checks

The USDA regulates the high and low temperatures of all indoor spaces where the dogs are.

The heating and cooling systems installed and all the technology to operate them are a sight to behold and something that many people have never seen or heard of.

Even simple things like skylights, drains, playard equipment, and even artificial turf are utilized, all at great cost to the breeder.


Grooming rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology and bathing stations to make the dogs clean and happy.

DOUBLE D JAYNA #WS497890/01 is a Female that is a parent of BOXER puppies. DOUBLE D JAYNA is owned by DELORES WAGLER in LOOGOOTEE,IN. DELORES WAGLER license number(s) are 32-A-0247 .

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