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I am a “hobby" dog breeder, I am considered a hobby breeder because as per federal dog breeding regulations, I own less than a handful of female dogs and only have an occasional litter of puppies, therefore I am exempt from USDA licensing. Occasionally breeding my dogs and raising a litter of adorable puppies is a passionate hobby for me and I thoroughly enjoy raising my puppies, spoiling them, and preparing them for their forever homes. Even though I don’t have a lot of dogs and only have puppies on occasion, I love my dogs and work hard to ensure that I follow animal welfare standards that include such things as:

- Providing quality Food & Water
- Good Exercise and socialization for my dogs
- General Housekeeping & Pest Control
- Proper Cleaning & Sanitization
- Puppies & Dogs Identification records
- Proper Storage of supplies, including food and medications
- Emergency plans ( Tornadoes ,Hurricanes, Fire, etc.)
- Disease & Injury prevention

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