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Sharmi's Kennel is owned by Mike and Karen Smailes. This licensed kennel sits on one acre beside the home of the Smailes in suburban Ohio. Both retired, with 2 children and 4 grandchildren, this couple enjoys spending their retirement time with their dogs. Devoted to only small breeds and having three dozen dogs, Mike and Karen have been breeding and raising dogs since 1993. Mike and Karen enjoy having the visiting grandchildren socialize the puppies. The Smailes also enjoy traveling and experiencing new people and places.

USDA Inspections

"USDA has upheld and enforced the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act since 1966 and 1970, respectively. Through its inspections, education, cooperative efforts and enforcement, Animal Care protects millions of animals nationwide each year.

The Animal Welfare Act and its associated regulations require that federally established standards of care and treatment be provided for certain warm-blooded animals that are exhibited to the public, bred for commercial sale, used in medical research or transported commercially."

USDA inspectors will go out to breeders and kennels and perform inspections. These inspections will be well documented and available to read.

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AKC Compliance Reports

"In keeping with its mission of upholding the integrity of the registry and protecting the welfare of purebred dogs, the American Kennel Club® has announced a new protocol for its inspections program. Inspections of breeders who register with AKC focus on monitoring and enforcing accurate record keeping, dog identification and breeding practices and adherence to our care and conditions policy."

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Blue Ribbon Certificates

"The Blue Ribbon Kennel Program is a premium puppy program designed to recognize Missouri's elite kennels. Blue Ribbon Kennels exhibit excellent kennel management practices, demonstrate a commitment to their industry through participation in continuing education opportunities and have been certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Animal Care Facilities Act (ACFA)."

"Missouri's Blue Ribbon Kennels are required to meet higher standards than any other kennels in the state. These kennels must pass a Blue Ribbon Kennel inspection in addition to their state inspection, must maintain a bio-security and maintenance plan and must micro-chip every puppy sold."

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ACA Star Breeder Certificates

"The "Achievement of Excellence" Star Breeder Program has 5 levels. By completing all the requirements outlined below, a breeder would earn five stars and be considered top of the line! By completing some of the requirements, a facility can still earn stars to indicate high quality services. Achieving a five star status certainly proves to clients and potential clients that you are a professional and high quality breeder. Earning stars in this rating system shows that you have the dedication and commitment in producing the very best puppies possible!"

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Paw Rating Certificates

Pet Store Puppies now awards certificates to breeders who go above and beyond. We award a paw for each completed step the breeder takes to ensure they are raising happy and healthy puppies. Each Breeder biography will show that breeders paw rating based on the documents sourced by Pet Store Puppies.

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