Cattle Inc – Gina Steffensmeier & Mark Steffensmeier

Gina Steffensmeier & Mark Steffensmeier own and operate Cattle Inc. Gina Steffensmeier & Mark Steffensmeier have been known to sell some of their puppies to pet store.

Breeders that sell to pet stores are equal to any other breeder. In fact, these breeders, because of who they sell to, have strict regulations to follow from several different governing bodies. Many Pet Stores Breeders are Licensed and Inspected with the United States Department of Agriculture. These breeders will hold a Class A License. These Pet Store Breeders will also be Licensed and Inspected with their own State Agriculture Department.

These kennels are state of the art in both design and technology and the breeder’s years of dedication and knowledge of dogs and breeding ensure that the puppies are in good hands. When you walk through these kennels you really get to see the attention to detail the breeders put into the facility to make daily tasks easy and efficient. You may see automatic feeders mounted to the indoor runs, giving the dogs access to food 24/7. Water can be provided in such a way that the dogs and the breeder never have to worry as water is delivered thru a spigot, similar to a water fountain, providing fresh water 24/7. Potty breaks for the dogs are not a problem since they simply walk through a doggy door to their safe, secure, outdoor area. The outdoor area provides extra space for when the dog feels like running around, laying out in the sun, playing, as well having a 24/7 bathroom.

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Transportation of puppies is a big deal and it’s no wonder they are regulated just as heavily as the breeders the puppies are coming from. These high tech mobile kennels have all the basic amenities a puppy could want during his or her travel. Plus, each trip will have a Vet Tech on board to give specific care to each individual puppy on board.

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Breeder: Gina Steffensmeier & Mark Steffensmeier
Kennel Name: Cattle Inc
USDA License Number: 42-B-0303
State License Number:
Address: Salem, IA

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  1. Alyssa Gifford on

    We purchased a female Cocker Spaniel that you bred years ago from Happiness is Pets. She was THE BEST DOG. Unfortunately, she has since passed. We are ready to open our hearts to another dog, and would like one of yours, given that she was so good. We have given our name to the store where we originally purchased her, several times, to try to get another Cocker that you bred, with no results. I would appreciate any reply.

    Thank You,


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