Doug Dettbarn, Wendie Dettbarn, Purple Heart Kennel, Strawberry Point, IA, 42-A-1328


What is a USDA license?
A USDA license is issues by the United States Department Of Agriculture which is a federal agency. Holding a USDA License means the breeder is inspected regularly and has a strict set of regulations to follow. The USDA’s regulations for dog breeders are the most strict compared to any other government in the world.

Are puppy mills licensed?
No. The United States Department Of Agriculture requires the breeder to follow strict regulations enforced by surprised unannounced inspection that are documented.

Do you have to have a license to be a dog breeder?
Not always. Local licenses depend on what town and state you live in. While being USDA license is only required if you have 5 breed-able dogs or more.

What is a hobby breeder?
A hobby breeder is a unlicensed breeder who does not meet their towns, states or USDA’s regulation to be licensed.

Is backyard breeding illegal?
No, the overwhelming majority of breeders breed on their property. Making them a “backyard breeder”.

What’s a backyard breeder?
Breeders who breed in their backyard or on their property.

What is a pet broker?
A pet broker is a middleman between a breeder and a retailer. Such as a pet store, website or individual.

What is a reputable breeder?
A reputable breeder is someone who follows their state and federal guidelines and licensing process.

What percent of puppies come from puppy mills?
No one knows. Keep it moving.

Do all pet stores use puppy mills?
No, in fact most pet stores do not source their puppies from puppy mills.

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  1. Paul & Isabel on

    Hello, my names Paul and my wife’s Isabel. We purchased a male Shih-Tzu/Bichon from Petland in south Florida Pup:151913-04 on July 29th 2015. His name was Teddy. A beautiful all white with slightly beige ears and cut tail. Happy dog till his 1st visit to the vet. He was given Trifexis and within 6 hours he began having seizures. For 4.5 years we tried managing his condition. He went to the best neurologists in south Florida. Medication 3 times a day and it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately he passed away at the vet after battling a 1 hour seizure. He made such an impact in our life’s. We are trying to find any brothers or sisters, nieces or nephew’s from his bloodline. He had the best temperament I’ve ever seen in a dog. Our records show he came from Wendi & Doug. I


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