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I am a federally licensed breeder with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The strict regulations through the USDA include unannounced inspections of my property, my dogs and puppies, and all of my medical records for each dog. I follow strict guidelines to ensure that my dogs have proper housing, feeding, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care and animal welfare standards. I am proud to be a USDA licensed breeder that understands the importance of animal welfare regulations to protect me, my dogs, and the public.

As a proudly licensed and inspected USDA breeder, I understand the importance of socialization for my dogs and for the puppies I raise. Socialization is very important for my puppy’s welfare. It is good for the puppies, good for me as a breeder, and good for their future in their forever home. I also understand the importance of the physical and mental health of my dogs and I work with my attending veterinarian to ensure that my dogs are healthy and happy. I also have a written exercise plan that was approved by my attending veterinarian for all of my dogs. My plan includes my methods, durations and frequency for individual dogs and for a group of dogs. My exercise plan is part of my routine inspections by the USDA. I comply with USDA regulations to ensure that my dogs are responsibly cared for.

My inspections consist of;

- Food & Water Requirements
- Compatible Grouping
- Exercise Plan
- Socialization Plan
- General Housekeeping & Pest Control
- Cleaning & Sanitization
- Staff Training
- Indoor Housing & Outdoor Housing
- General Maintenance
- Puppies & Dogs Identification records
- Proper Storage of supplies including medications
- Emergency plans (Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Fire, etc.)
- Disease & Injury prevention

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