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Transportation of puppies is a big deal and it’s no wonder they are regulated just as heavily as the breeders the puppies are coming from. These high tech mobile kennels have all the basic amenities a puppy could want during his or her travel. Plus, each trip will have a Vet Tech on board to give specific care to each individual puppy on board.

How Are Pet Store Puppies Transported?
Breeders and Distributers use transportation companies that specialize in the transportation of puppies. These transportation companies have mobile kennel vehicles with custom kennels for the safety and comfort of the puppies. Each mobile kennel has their own route which will delivery to several pet stores in that area.

Who Drives the Mobile Kennels?
Depending on the size of the mobile kennel, some drivers have to have a CDL license to operate it. While other drivers of smaller mobile kennels must meet certain regulations

Who Cares for The Puppies in the Mobile Kennel?
Along with the Driver, each mobile kennel will have a Vet tech on board to provide everything the puppies need during their trip, which is basically 24/7 room service.

Who Regulates These Transportation Companies?
The United States Department of Agriculture regulates and over sees the transportation of puppies. These companies will be licensed as a Class T. These Class T Licensees are subject to the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) along with the Brokers and Breeders.

Are the Mobile Kennels Heated and Cooled for The Puppies?
Yes, these mobile kennels are equipped with on board heating and air conditioning to make the ride comfortable for both humans and puppies.

Do the Puppies have access to Food and Water during their trip?
The mobile kennel will have automatic feeders and water’s and have a built-in wash out, that washes all of the puppy’s messes into an onboard waste tank, so there is no smell and no mess.

How Long Do the Puppies Travel For?
Depending on many things such as route, weather, traffic and location of the pet stores, puppies that are traveling to a Pet Store may have to wait a few hours to a day or so before arriving at the Pet Store.

Where Are These Transportation Companies Located?
Like any business, these transportation companies will be located closest to their customers.

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